20 years Tehnolab

Tehnolab was founded in 2000 as a separate legal entity with the intention of providing professional services in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety and health.

Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska, M.Sc

It is Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska, M.Sc, Master of Science in Chemical Sciences, who founded Tehnolab and has served as its general manager since its foundation until the present. The idea behind Tehnolab was to establish a company that would provide quality and competent services in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety on the Macedonian market.

The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary of successful work and continuous growth and development in 2020.

It has been Tehnolab’s strategy since the beginning in 2000 to follow the needs and requests of its customers as part of its vision to be a company that provides services of the highest quality according to international standards. In order to satisfy the needs of the market, we are constantly working on the quantitative and qualitative improvement of our services, especially in the laboratory for testing in the living and working environment.

With more than 20 years of work experience in the field and hundreds of successful projects behind us, we have developed a strong knowledge base that allows us to handle the most specific requirements.

With our high level of knowledge combined with our experience in the field in which we were pioneers and are now leaders, we guarantee our success as well as that of our clients.

Throughout our history, we have approached our work with professionalism and enthusiasm, accepting the challenges that lay ahead.

In addition to our pioneering role in the field of environment and safety at work, we have invested in the development of resources to continuously upgrade ourselves.

With Tehnolab celebrating 20 years, we are especially proud of our laboratory for testing in living and working environments, which was the first laboratory in Macedonia to receive ISO 17025 accreditation in 2008. Today, it is the only laboratory in Macedonia that conducts accredited testing methods in the areas of living and working environments, environmental media testing, and working environment testing. It is the only laboratory in Macedonia to perform accredited waste characterization and categorization tests.

It is our commitment to continuous growth and development that does not stop us, we are ready to achieve new successes and take on new challenges.