Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

We, Tehnolab DOO Skopje, as well as authorized third parties, collect cookies that contain information about you when you visit our site or use our services. The following is an explanation of our cookie policy. In order to administer our website, analyze trends, track user activities, and customize promotional messages and advertisements, we use cookies.

Tehnolab DOO Skopje may inform you when you first access its website that “cookies” are used. If you click “I agree”, close the pop-up window or continue to use the website, you declare that you understand and agree to the use of these technologies as outlined in this Cookie Policy.

On the notification, there is a button “Cookie settings” which allows you to select which cookies will be saved with information about your visit.In the continuation of this cookie policy, a detailed explanation of each type of cookie is provided.

The acceptance of cookies is not mandatory, and their use can be revoked at any time (see below for information on how to control cookies). It is possible to change your browser settings to limit or block cookies, as well as to delete them from any device at any time.
In the event that you do not agree to cookies or delete them, some parts of our site may not function properly or may take much longer to open.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, or pieces of code, that can be used by websites to enhance their user experience. When you visit a website, cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookies enable us to recognize your browser the next time you visit the same site. Although cookies can save your preferences and other information, they cannot read your data or information from your hard drive or read any other saved cookie files from other websites.

First-party cookies are those that are set directly by the website Third-party cookies are those placed by other parties. Cookies from third parties enable various functions on our website, such as advertising, social media functions, and analytics. Tehnolab DOO Skopje does not own these cookies and has no control over their use.
What is the purpose of cookies?

In order to improve the user experience, cookies are used to better understand how visitors use the website. The purpose of cookies is to allow the party responsible for setting them to recognize the user’s device of use based on previous announcements or visits so that advertisements can be tailored to be more relevant to the users. Marketing cookies may be collected on any web browser and on any device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.), but they do not contain any personal information about the user. There are several types of cookies used on this website:

We use the following cookies:

Necessary cookies.
In order for a website to be usable, cookies are necessary in order to enable basic functions, such as navigation through the site. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Preferred cookies (Preference cookies).
Using preference cookies, a website can remember information that affects how it behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or location.

Performance and functionality cookies.
The purpose of this type of cookie is to track you if you return to our site in the future. Among other things, these cookies contain necessary information, such as the city from which you access Tehnolab DOO Skopje. Please note that these cookies are not necessary and will not adversely affect your experience on our site.

How do I control cookies?

You may receive a message informing you that we use “cookies” when you access the website for the first time. When you click “I agree”, close the pop-up window, or continue to use the website, you acknowledge that you have understood and agreed to the use of these technologies as outlined in this Cookie Policy.

In the notification, there is a button labeled “Cookie settings” that allows you to select which cookies with information about your visit to will be stored. It is possible for you to select which of your preferred non-mandatory cookies will be stored on your computer.

The acceptance of cookies is not mandatory, and consent to their use can be revoked at any time. Your web browser allows you to specify which cookies you would like to keep and which you would like to delete. It is also possible to contact the company that sets and controls the cookies. For more information, please refer to the settings of your web browser.

Cookie storage duration
Cookies are stored for a period of time depending on their type and whether they are set by Tehnolab DOO Skopje or by third parties. Statistical and functional cookies are stored for a period of 30 minutes to 2 years, while marketing cookies are stored for a period of 15 minutes to 1 year.

The cookies stored by Tehnolab DOO Skopje do not identify the end user and/or are used exclusively to provide a service that the end user requested from Tehnolab DOO Skopje and for which the end user visited the Tehnolab DOO Skopje website.

General information
As part of the personal data protection system, the cookie policy is in place. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or other publicly available documents for more information. It is possible for policies to be changed and updated from time to time. If there are any changes, please refer to the policies.