Waste categorization and characterization

The laboratory of Tehnolab is the first and only laboratory in Macedonia accredited for the characterization and categorization of waste.

As part of the accredited waste testing program, 17 methods are available for testing solid waste as well as waste effluent, including:

  • Waste material sampling,
  • leaching of granular waste materials and sediments,
  • ISP-OES element determination,
  • determining dry matter or water content,
  • Leachate pH determination during waste and sludge characterization,
  • Electrolytic conductivity determination,
  • Determination of nitrites, sulfates, sulfides, chlorides, ammonium ions, and fluorides,
  • The determination of the phenolic index,
  • Calculation of the total organic carbon,
  • Calculation of the total dissolved solids
  • Temperature determination for ignition.